Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet Albums


Annually held at the Venus de Milo Restaurant


2005 Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet pictures








 2005 Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee List


















 Display table of Inductee memorabilia














 Team Induction: 1949 Warren Post American Legion State and Regional Champions. Ray Cordeiro and Bruce Martin standing on left in back, were team bat boys, while Herm Grabert, standing in the center, was the squad's first baseman. They were joined by representatives of other team members.
















 2005 Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees




















 Athlete Inductee Peter MacDougall and Committee Chairman (2001 Contributor Inductee)  Jack Flynn































Athlete Inductee Steve Sampson





























 Committee Member and Athlete Inductee Butch Lomardi
























 Athlete Inductee Scott Kopecky and Committee Member Matt Andreozzi



























 Committee Member (2011 Athlete Inductee) Jim McMahon and Athlete Inductee Kris Collins

























Coach Inductee Sam Hutchison and Committee Member Dave DeBlois

























 Athlete Inductee Carrie Hicks Rollins























  Committee Member Mary Oliver and Athlete Inductee John Terra

























 Bruce Martin accepted Old Timer Induction for his late father Terry Martin
























 Committee Member (1999 Athlete Inductee) Beth Penkala and Contributor Inductee Fran Nunes (also accepting for her late husband and former committee member Tony Nunes)





























 Athlete Inductee Joe Reeves

























Committee Member Gary Martins and Athlete Inductee Brian Hutchison

























 Kathy Aiken accepted Athlete Induction for her late father Lester Burdge



























 Committee Member Diane Gempp and Pete Sepe Scholarship Award recipient Chris Lapre